Dr Kamle

The process of creating a Hospital in the private sector is a challenging process. It begins with a series of one to one discussions with the representatives of the entrepreneurial organization.

Through these dialogues, and via questionnaires programmes are determined.


HealthTech Advisors

Over the past 30 years the HealthTech Advisors principals have focused on the assessment, planning, implementation and management of enterprise technologies in healthcare organizations.

Extensive experience in the U.S.A. and also internationally have assisted many healthcare organizations in planning and implementation of technologies.


Bio Trading  & Investment ltd

BTI will augment Source Atlantic’s provisioning capabilities with client management, logistics support, and local knowledge of the North African market. Based in Malta, BTI is strategically located to connect businesses from the EU with clients in North Africa.

American European for Investment

AEI will assist SAI with the management of all transactions, payments and funds transfers. Their collective expertise in international banking will enable SAI to navigate all commercial exchanges during provisioning efforts.